past work

mikie sherrill campaign

I designed the campaign's digital media, created videos and informative animations, and completed special projects.


I work as a graphic design intern at Impactual, a social impact consultancy.

rep. sherrill d.c. office

I kept the community connected to their congresswoman with graphical media and videos highlighting her work and services.

jacob malinowski campaign

I created all of the candidate's graphical media, website, and campaign lit.

oasis contact tracing

I designed a user-based contact tracing system with the Yale CS department. The portals are patient, volunteer, and manager, respectively.

yale democrats

I create media for the 200+ strong Yale College Democrats.

the politic

I design spreads for The Politic, Yale's premier political magazine.

yale menus

I designed the new version of Yale Menus, an app used by 2,000 people a month to view dining hall options.